Monday, March 08, 2010


I cannot believe my eyes and I cannot change the keyboard language, but I'm too impatient to give it another try, so I'm starting up rightaway: who would ever believe that Bigelow, not only a beautiful female, but also a talented one, would be accepted in the company of Oscar-winning brats, namely in the category of best picture and best director, the latter for the first time ever to cuddle the female version of the species?

And who could ever believe that the brunette and cute but average Miss Congeniality would actually win over her fellow nominees Mirren, Mulligan, Sidibe and Streep in a role that she dyed her hair blonde for?

Then, again, who would actually expect that 8 times nominee Jeff Bridges or else beloved Big Lebowski would finally get it, leaving Firth, Clooney, Freeman and Renner behind?

That was a night to remember (even if we only managed to get halfway), a night with the unusual suspects taking the lead. Life can be surprising, still.

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