Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Do u know what it is to feel like shit? U only wanna sleep, maybe sleep for good, maybe wake up only to swear this filthy life once more. And then just sleep again.

Do u know a remedy? Do u have a remedy for shitty lives? A remedy for shitty mood? Any remedy at all?

This IS a cry for help. This could not be more serious. Any advice would be helpful enough.

One last question: how can you live out there? Is your life a happy life? Are you all you ever wanted? Do you feel well, satisfied, completed?

Well, I don’t.


Anonymous said...

Feeling sometimes like shit and complaining about all the real and imaginary reasons which make us feel like shit, is very human indeed and common to most of us. When you're really hitting the bottom, complaining certainly can be a great relief and a nasty pleasure if done well, but that's about it. From my experience, and I do indeed consider myself a happy man the answer to your questions is pretty easy and has been summed up in the frequently used but never really truly heard words : accept it, leave it or change it. The first takes some life experience and wisdom, the second some courage to get out of your comfort zone and the third some passion and energy.

Yes, I know, the answer might come in a little bit late, but then again, I thought it was really a shame nobody even had tried to give you some answer.

Anyway, hope you're feeling much better since then.

estelle said...

Hey there, it's incredible that somebody actually did reply some years later :D Thanks a lot, I couldn't really say that my moody self makes me a happy girl, but my gained wisdom makes me at least more keen in hiding it. I only show my happy self, usually, and, see, I stopped complaining publicly, which is good, isn't it?