Saturday, December 25, 2010

Did Zach Galifianakis teach you a lesson, or two?

That funny guy from the Hangover, Zach Galifianakis, who lays on an ancient couch like Zeus or some ancient philosopher (could that mean that he is proud of his Greek descent, in a way, or nobody could be proud of it any more?) and is still in the process of filming this infamous before its conception Hangover 2, taught me, among others, two things: never to start a conversation with strangers with a natural or not perm on airports and to be suspicious of certain unknown sounds that a man (or a dog) can produce.

Even if his latest Due Date was nothing much, not exactly funny, but this weird mixed genre for easy to lure audiences, well, I watched it and did not even regret it. It's the kind of film that kicks off with weary funniesque lines and at least one promising character and ends up to some soap-opera happy ending moment with a touch of generic silliness, and The Power of Love/Family/Friendship being the didactic peak in between. But, this is not the point.

The point is that anyone who looks like Ethan Tremblay or has Zach's lovely way of speaking and staring angrily at (as seen on Between two Ferns series) is at the moment not very welcome in my entourage, to phrase it even clearer, he is to be avoided at any price. The other day an older version of Ethan Tremblay --minus the perm and the colorful outfit-- started talking non-stop to my boss at the airport and I got totally scared; I got pale, nearly fainted and then tried to imitate Anniston's sign language trick in Love Happens; let me tell you: that was the only time my boss ever had the chance to forgot the sound of my voice for more than a quarter of an hour.

This morning I wanted to use the bathroom, but somebody else was ahead of me. His visit was quite lengthy and I was ready to knock (when you share a flat that's the least trouble), when I heard a sound I believe I knew from somewhere. Yea, I did, Ethan was producing that sound when he was masturbating and listening to this sound from close is not the most pleasant thing that could happen to you on an early morning. I tried to be kind and let the guy enjoy; I waited and waited patiently, then the door opened and...a girl came out.

Zach, you didn't give me the right amount of info, dude. I' m still under the state of shock and it's almost midnight.

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