Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Crème Fraîche

Yet another short film competition and another short film Festival, you'll probably start saying. But Crème Fraîche or Fresh Cream is nothing like that. It's the brand new initiative by SNJ - National Youth Service here in Lux and of course CNA - National Audiovisual Center and it's here to stay. On its first year now, getting ready to showcase the best of the best  at Utopia on Friday, Crème Fraîche is an entertaining case; it is open to a wide age span. Participants can be from 12 years old till 30 years old, so you understand that the quality varies according to the means and the expectations.

The festival promises to show us the "crème de la crème"of the future film talents in Luxembourg, the one's people are going to talk about in some year's time. Taking into account the #screenshots that are featured on their Facebook Page, the participants have a good sense of aesthetics, even if some of them are still at school.

The official program is divided in two parts: the first one showcases 60'' clips, one minute-per story/concept in other words. The audience will then have to vote for the three winners of the night -the more friends you bring, the better the chances, if you're a filmmaker. The second part will showcase eleven short films out of competition -these ones have better production values are are directed by students or new-comers, like Julie Schroell, for instance, the miracle-girl; her first feature film De Bauerblues hit Crème Fraîche proudly presents.

AGENDA: Friday, 2/3, 20.00, Cine Utopia *Free Entrance

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