Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nothing can Undo the Past

Pedophilia is “a medical condition, rather than a moral failing,”  says James Cantor, an associate professor in the department of psychiatry at the University of Toronto, who is doing research on pedophilia from a biological perspective, searching for brain-based and other physical differences that distinguish pedophiles from non-pedophiles.“Nobody chooses to be a pedophile.”

Cantor, after research involving brain-scans and other methods, found out that pedophiles had significant biological differences from the rest. In his research published on 2008 "he theorizes that, due to abnormal functioning in brain networks, the instinct that children provoke in pedophiles is erotic, rather than the typical urge to nurture and protect. He also believes that the finding is one more piece of evidence for the case that pedophilia is caused by a biological susceptibility that starts before birth."

I read this article a while ago and I couldn't possibly get it out of my mind. I found it immensely disturbing. How unfair to be born abnormal in such a delicate way. I mean, being different can always cause trouble, but being different to such an extent that makes you live with inner struggle for a lifetime, that's insane. I bet many people with such impulses are strong enough to suppress them. Others not. It's a matter of character, I guess, but it can also involve external factors.

The thing is, I can sympathise with that internal struggle, especially after being visually and mentally subjected to those personal turmoils only by sitting with (sic) like-mind  characters through the big screen and the theatre stage. Remember Kevin Bacon as The Woodsman (2004)? He was really trying hard to fight his condition, his urge, his whatever. He went in prison, then he was released. The whole community hated him. His own sister was unwilling to keep contact with him, welcome him to her home and let him visit his niece. It is so sad to feel hatred for something you have done at a tiny moment you lost control and for which you will always regret. Nothing can undo the Past, is stating the movie poster. Kevin Bacon as Walter has been punished for whatever it is that he did and when he wants to look forward and start a new life, nobody wants to give him a break. Well, they should. His demons are his own to fight with. In this film, he actually beats them in a very moving scene in a park full of birds; a paradise for birdwatchers. 

Except for the film, that keeps a certain emotional distance, I also saw a play based on The Woodsman, where the protagonist with his fine acting made me look into such a character's soul sorts of. How dreadful to be desperate to be normal, but to have desires that drag you to dark places. I totally felt like writing all that, because thoughts on fairness and unfairness of certain aspects of life are decisively haunting me and never let me go. But, guys, is it legal to sympathise with pedophiles? Uhm, I hope I won't get arrested.


Anonymous said...

Cantor is a bigot and a coward, who thinks that pedophiles are stupid and short just for having a different sexual orientation.

Imagine if he was saying that gays are stupid, lack white matter and are shorter than heterosexuals. He would be burning in the stake before you can say "bigotry". But no, he says that about pedophiles and he knows nobody will complain, nobody will care. He insults and denigrates the ones he knows have no power to answer him. Fucking coward and bigot.

estelle said...

Apparently Cantor has scientific proof for what he states; doing it, he tries to raise sympathy for pedophiles -something one could find far-fetched, but nobody a coward's act. Pedophilia, is it a "sexual orientation", really?

Anonymous said...

I dont want sympathy, I want RESPECT. I dont want to be treated like a sick little idiot. I want to be treated like a human being, equal to the rest. Pedophiles are mathematicians, scientists, artists, philosophers. Not idiots belonging to the madhouse.

"Apparently Cantor has scientific proof for what he states"

Yes, just like in nazi germany there were "scientific ""proofs"" " of jews' "innate" "inferiority". Just like bigots give "scientific proofs" of why blacks are subhuman. Just like conservatives and scumbags give "scientific proofs" of why gays are sick. Yeah, that kind of "scientific proof". Yeah, OK, tell me another.

estelle said...

Drawing a parallel to Jews is not very successful. Where do you see the harassed children in the picture? I'd say they are the main victims of it all and not pedophiles for that sake.

Anonymous said...

Harassing children is evil. Molesting or taking advantage of children is evil. But I am not talking about people who do that. I am talking about pedophiles.

And just like I do not assume a priori that an heterosexual is a rapist (although he might be) I do not assume a priori that a pedophile is a rapist.

I want respect, dignity, not simpaty or hate. Of course, "simpaty" is always nice, but its not OK. I want RESPECT, no being treated like an idiot, like a retarded just for my sexual orientation. I am not, and Im quite tall in fact (1,88 cm). You would be surprised by the number of scientists that are pedophiles.