Monday, June 13, 2011

Eat Bananas and LOL

I always liked bananas. Especially ripe ones. I ate the last one yesterday, shops were already closed to go buy new ones, so I decided to just watch another Woody Allen, an old one with that very word in the title. I did not regret it and it proved my point once more: what's with maturity and young age? Have you noticed that for some people wisdom withers away as soon as their hair take the colour of snowflakes? So long for Woody losing his wit nowadays. I now really want to aknowledge his brilliant sense of humour once upon a time.

Bananas (1971) is a little funny title to start with, referencing the phrase "Banana Republic" which serves as a setting for the film, but also meaning "crazy" --it's raining right now, no bananas to eat, the dishwasher is terribly noisy, why do I write anyways? I guess I write to forget all the above, that's why I will go on trying, my laptop on the kitchen table the minimal distance ever achieved from the deafening dishwasher.

This film, for once, requires no analysis and thorough reasoning, no big words to decypher its hidden meaning or beautifully-knit phrases on its artistic value and its sincere donation to the world's intellectul heritage. This film is purely funny, decomplexed and simple, no second degree and complicated reading there; everyone can get it, it was good to entertain audiences back then as it is now, because its farcical qualities are strong, unified and temporal.

In Bananas you are bound to find no bananas whatsoever; only a young Allen with his smart freckled face testing extravagant products and whining for giving up college, buying porn mags, hitting on a high-brow girl, then taking a trip to an unstable republic and getting involved with the rebels and their plan for revolution, but I should not give everything away. He is always clumsy, always nervous, never pretentious and so damn funny. In a nutshell, he is adorable --the world still owes him a lot for what he was, minus the disappointment for what he has become.

One last thing to mention: Bananas features #69 on the American Film Institute list 100 years...100 laughs, with Annie Hall #4, Manhattan #46, Take the Money and Run #66. In other words: grab some old Woody Allen and LOL the night away.


costas said...

Υπερβολικη σε βρισκω για τον οψιμο woody allen. Απλώς ο ανθρωπος καταλαβε μεγαλωνοντας πως εχει πολλες νευρωσεις κι αποφασισε να κανει λιγο πιο υπαρξιακες ταινιες· ομως χωρις να χανει τη φαρσικη του διαθεση.
Με το ιδιο σκεπτικο, θα πρεπει να προτιμας τους πρωτους δισκους των Βeatles απο το Abbey Road :P

estelle said...

No, he was far more fresh and funny than now; his recent ones I wouldn't call them existentialist films, but quite shallow ones.