Monday, May 28, 2012

Rain and Love or Nanni Moretti hands in the Prizes

I will post very fast and neat the list for now; you'll get some commentary later tomorrow. Congratulations to the winners and looking forward to watch those films up and close.

RECAP: Not everybody is satisfied with the results, as usual. I agree with those contending that the Jury was very conservative and went for those who knew already. But, dear Jury, isn't it a pity to give this big prize -and the upcoming tickets, potential funding for next projects etc that come with it- to those who don't really need it? I'm sure other worthy films existed that could profit more from such a prize. Having said that, I am happy for Ben Zeitlin and Ken Loach winning a prize, but I could see Cristian Mungiu and his girls leaving without his prizes, as well as Carlos Reygadas. The subject matter they chose does not talk to me; the first one directing two nuns in love (sic) and the second scribbling a patchwork of bizarre moments that looks a bit hollow. As far as Amour by Haneke is concerned, yes, and yes again. Jean-Louis Tritignant and Emmanuelle Riva are totally moving (cannot say the same for the always hysterical Huppert) and the issue of death is a universal and poignant one to treat.

The List of 2012 Cannes Film Festival winners (as published on movieline ) -ow, how I love the original French titles of the prizes:

Palme d’Or:

Amour by Michael Haneke

Grand Prix of the Jury:

Reality by Matteo Garrone

Prix de la Mise en Scene (Best Director):

Carlos Reygadas for Post Tenebras Lux

Prix du Scenario (Best Screenplay):

Cristian Mungiu for Beyond the Hills

Camera d’Or (Best First Feature):

Beasts of the Southern Wild, directed by Benh Zeitlin

Prix du Jury (Jury Prize):

The Angels' Share directed by Ken Loach

Prix d’interpretation feminine (Best Actress):

Cosmina Stratan and Cristina Flutur for Beyond the Hills directed by Cristian Mungiu

Prix d’interpretation masculine (Best Actor):

Mads Mikkelsen for Jagten, directed by Thomas Vinterberg

Palme d’Or (Short Film):

Silence (Sessis-Be Deng) directed by L. Rezan Yesilbas

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