Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Les Ames de Papier (2013)

I have to admit my main interest in this film was its female lead, Julie Gayet. Who has been the main interest of too many people lately, namely France's first man, and the new eye-candy or should I say prey for media in France and the rest of the world alike. Yes, I went to see the film out of curiosity; Imagine, Gayet is announced as the president of the Jury at Discovery Zone film festival in Luxembourg, possibly tied to life as the president's significant other, and I was unaware of her existence -or should I say talent- until now.

Sounds sarcastic, and it is, cause I have omnivore tendencies that back to my journalistic past (sic), just as all  of the paparazzis and others out there fighting for a scoop. The funny thing is, that Paper Souls (2013) is a pretty decent film, after all -even if it comes from a co-production tradition that I usually find nonsensical, as I wrote before. Of course, a Franco-Belgian-Luxembourgish co-production has a point, more than other impossible combinations driven only by funding needs.

How did this happen? Actors knew how to treat their lines, as well as what ensemble acting means. But, French actors are good most of the time, isn't it? No disappointment there. This time, the script was well-written in general, with vivid moments and sparks of humour here and there, except for a few times that scenes could be tightened up by a precise editor's hand and some other times that the storyline could make a bit more sense. How much sense can a film  make, when it plays on the  belief of a local tribe that "somebody who died from a violent death can come back to life, close a door that he left open before leaving for good" is of course dubious.

Pleasant evening guaranteed with Julie, but even more with her contenders: Frenchman Stephane Guillon is just great, while Belgian Jonathan Zaccai is not bad either. Transcending themes of wishes coming true and the quest for memories to bring back moments (and lives) long gone are delicately dealt with. Character actors in the film make it even more pleasant, yes, these are old aged people and kinds. Basic elements that bring high spirits, aren't they? So, what else? That would be all, my curiosity for Gayet is now soothed. She is a charming and talented lady, let's hope they will leave her alone. She could have found a more handsome lover, though.

* Bravo to co-producer Samsa Film, they have a good eye for location scouting: some cemeteries we have here, in Luxembourg; and I'm not joking.

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