Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mermaids reign the world

Mermaids, a friend was stating with a disappointed tone in his voice, are good for nothing. How come, I exclaimed, as I think highly of them and I 've always wanted to be one. Well, look, he said convincingly, they are the most useless creatures ever; no real fish, so you cannot eat them. No real girls, so you cannot make love to them, either.

I definitely see his point, but I still find them adorable; the most mysterious creatures found in the wild, in our wild fantasies, that is. With strong tails and long hair playfully covering their nudity, they reign fishermens' wet dreams and now...the whole world. Cinematic world. "Mermaids are the new vampires" they wrote and I will agree with that.

What, didn't you hear yet? You need a mermaid to find the Fountain of Youth. Without her you are doomed to age and die, as every other mere human checking his wrinkles in the mirror every single day and frowning upon them. In hold of a mermaid, you will become almost super-human, you will upgrade category and definitely feel the difference.

But, first, I will let you try to catch one. You don't have the know-how? Worry not, cause Jack Sparrow does. Without his skill Astrid Berges-Frisbey, Gemma Ward and the rest of the mermaids, could probably enchant you with their singing and have you as their prey. They tried it with Ulysses, don't think they will not try it with you. Still, you stand a chance if you befriend The Pirates of the Caribbean when the moment comes to approach Stranger Tides. Some more months and it's here, in a theater near you.

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