Thursday, May 03, 2012

IndieLisboa 2012

This is a holiday post, so I won't write anything extensive, no. I just happened to be in Lisbon, going here and there downtown and elsewhere, and I was so overwhelmed by the IndieLisboa posters and the up-and-coming new Tim Burton posters Dark Shadows, that I had to give it a mention.

I am finally planning to attend a screening, even if I was trying to stay away and do something different for a change -after all, in my real life I am going to the movies every other day. Even in the live by Magnetic Fields the singer -she showed up with white running shoes and she was messing with her socks like all the time, yes, they don't know how to interpret casual chic in the States- asked us if we have been to IndieLisboa. You cannot escape fate, you see, it comes and knocks on your door even if you are quietly hiding in the attic.

IndieLisboa is on its 9th edition this year and it's a renowed and possibly the only one Independent Film Festival in Lisbon. It includes a program for your children, short films and of course feature films, Portuguese as well as international. Many films from the festival circuit are featuring here, like Alps by Giorgos Lanthimos (the Dogtooth guy) for instance -this on is screening today and it's, once again, the weirdest concept you've ever seen probably. Not only that, but a lovely girl from Athens Film Festival once upon a time is now a programmer for IndieLisboa and there you go, here's the Greek Connection we are always searching for (hi there, Nina!). Do go to the screenings, but, in case you won't, at least don't miss the parties.

*A technical mistake avoided this post to be online as early as it should. Not that it really matters.

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