Thursday, January 26, 2012

Créajeune: a short film competition for youth

Yesterday, it was a very special night for me. My first favourite place in Luxembourg, Eisenborn Youth Center powered by SNJ moved to my second favourite place, the Cinematheque. Unfortunately it was only for the night -wouldn't it be perfect if such a cooperation could be more systematic?

Creajeune is a video contest for young adults, organised by the QuattroPole, a wonderful cross-border city network that puts together cultural activities from Luxembourg city, Metz in France, and Saarbrucken and Trier in Germany. Four cities - three different countries and three different languages, these liaisons dangereux are so constructive and so full of love and sharing, they make my heart beat fast.

Creajeune has three different sections: child, adolescent and young adult; the first two had all-day long screenings yesterday, under the harsh eye of the Jury that would later on decide on the prizes. It's a competition that runs every year; screenings take place in the partner-countries, which creates a perfect opportunity for the young cinematographers to get together and possibly brainstorm on new video projects.

Thanks to the Video-Cut team, their work and dedication, everything was well-organised and cosy. Videos with a social message -I especially liked the one with the bottom line "I love foreigners", the Tactile one and How may I help you? - drinks and camaraderie, that was a real promising night. Head of Eisenborn Youth Center (and manager of the Video-Cut department) Adrien Promme and his team bring the cinema-making bug to youth around Luxembourg for quite a while now (more than ten years, if numbers are more convincing). I'm looking forward to the day that one or more of these wannabe filmmakers will start touring the Festival Circuit with their films. To Cannes, sisters (and brothers), to Cannes!

*Find the full screening program HERE.

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