Friday, May 10, 2013

Oz the Great and Powerful, tell me about it

Oz was not a bad film whatsoever, but it was one of those you forget once you step out of the  multiplex. Joyful atmosphere, great graphics and good acting are the positive points I spotted out.

Moreover, I would admit that even the didactic mood of the film towards the end; we witness James Franco as that fake magician who is fearful and very human surpassing his fear; we even witness him putting up a show of a fake escape, and what's worse, we are convinced it's true. Until we see that he did find the courage and discovered that he was after all deeply concerned for the people of the once happy kingdom and wanted to give them back this innocent state of happiness and cloudless skies.

One poignant comment coming from a male viewer: everybody went to watch Mila Kunis, only to find out that she didn't have enough screen time as the stunning beauty she is; she was sporting the bad witch look most of the time, poor male audience.

But that was not the only problem; what about her, or better Theodora's hat in the beginning? It clearly doesn't belong to this film. In general, I found the costumes not good enough. They looked quite cheap and they were not hanging the best way they could. I also found Michelle Williams exquisite as the good witch; she was irresistibly better that when she was portraying Marilyn Monroe, no kidding.

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