Thursday, May 26, 2016

Force Majeure (2014) or How Fragile we Are

Turist, Force Majeure or Snow Therapy? Seems like each country translates film titles to something a tad more exotic than it's used to: English speaking countries promoted the film under the title Force Majeure, so that's how we know it and that's how the film got international acclaim in too many festivals. In the Golden Globes, too. In France, the blatantly ironic (and my favourite) given title was Snow Therapy. While in their native Sweden, artists remain practical: Turist was good enough.

And the question remains, even after the end of the film. Days after. Weeks after. Can a natural disaster ruin a marriage? Can holidays ruin a marriage? Can major force, which is superior force, come between her and him and the little ones? Oh, yes, you bet. Human beings are just too fragile. Human beings idealize everything around them. They trust their brains over their basic instincts, when willpower and ethics should not be taken for granted.

And the question remains. Can you blame somebody for not being up to his human nature? And what is human nature, after all? Go find out. And let me know, too.

Funnily sad film. Or sadly fun film. A dark comedy with a happy ending (?) featuring a Scandinavian family, majestic ski backdrop and an avalanche. If you haven't bumped on it, do it now. Its 34 wins and nominations can only slightly encourage you.

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