Friday, June 08, 2007

Antigone (1974)

"Antigone, be reasonable.
It's all very well for men to believe in ideas and die for them.
But you are a girl..."

Leah Chandler as Ismene gives all the best advice to her sister Antigone played by Geneviève Bujold, in order to protect her from doing the fatal deed. Only too late.

Words by Jean Anouilh, who saw the fine point between being a man and a woman. Ideas are for bright young men. Women should be happy doing the laundry.

Sophocles mainly created a discourse on the topic of man's law versus law of the gods/Moral law, but in his adaptation Anouilh noted the fact that Antigone was a woman, a pro-feminist, more than one would imagine. The stereotypical depiction talks for itself: blond bombshell Ismene versus intellectual brunette Antigone exchange ideas over equality(sic) and doing the right thing no matter what under the direction of Gerald Freedman.


Aντώνης said...

Ω κοινόν αυτάδελφον...

Jirashimosu said...

"Ismene, sister, mine own dear sister" θες να πεις

PS: Την έχω δει αυτή τη τηλε-Αντιγόνη πλάκα, πλάκα...Βέβαια παράσταση σαν την πρόσφατη της Φρυνίχου δεν δύναται να επαναληφθεί παγκοσμίως!