Monday, December 06, 2010

Do you like sleeping in Unmade Beds?

Certain do, certain cannot take it. I know one who slept once on a bench and that was not a problem for him. He only had an uneasy feeling when he woke up alone in a place he could not recognise at the first glance and with a heavy hangover.

Unmade Beds (2009) was the obvious indie choice for him: a Goodbye Cinema Night could only mean that much if the screened film involved somehow issues of random sex in random matresses and of course ambiguous sexuality. Cause some people will search forever. Some cannot be sure about anything, not even the most obvious things. Some are still searching for their father, wearing a bunch of colorful funny buttons on their backpack, oh well, and they are right to search. Cause who searches, he will eventually find. At least himself.

I was seriously happy to see again Iddo Goldberg, old friend from Secret Diaries of a Call Girl and the gracious Déborah François --whatta girl, indeed. The interestingly sometimes noisy soundtrack features Kimya Dawson and our guys, Mary and The Boy --Mary became also a character in Kynodontas by Lanthimos, cause, as we already know, elective affinities rule the world. Then came Bobby Peru, Mesdames and Messieurs. A hateful character from good old times spent with David Lynch and older men. And then Paulius left Eisenborn but came back soon to his friends without whom he could not lead a decent life and they lived happily ever after.

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