Sunday, October 16, 2011

Take a stroll on their Green Carpet

The blog's name may very well be Scarlet Carpet (as Red Carpet events always allude to a certain excitement vs stress, glam vs photo opportunity moments, and hype, a lot of it, which renders the carpets important to objectophiles, and I guess I am one of them), but this does not mean that carpets of any other color do not have my full support. I'm not talking about the carpets that beloved in GR Mrs Miraraki sells, with a rainbow of colors on them, but about the Green Carpet Club that was established some years ago by Tokyo Film Festival and its Green Carpet opening event every year --because being sensitive to environmental issues is the least we can expect from ourselves these days.

I checked some photos and walking on a Green Carpet instead of a Red one, looks quite ok, you only have to adjust your Haute Couture dress color for the occasion. I also bumped into an article for manufacturers of that certain Green Carpet, they are called Teijin and they use recycled PET bottles to produce a carpet long enough for all the stars involved.

For your information the 24th TIFF Tokyo, probably the biggest film festival in Asia is dedicated to the theme of ecology, especially after the 11th March earthquake and tsunami and features green-colored fonds on its website and promotional material, for that sake and many green initiatives. The film screenings take place thanks to green power and there are ten films included in the Natural TIFF category with the theme "Living in touch with the nature".

For the rest, The Three Musketeers are opening the festival and Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt is closing the Festival, which runs from 22-30 October 2011.

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