Sunday, March 11, 2012

Luxembourg Film Prize

I was complaining a lot yesterday that practically no media in Luxembourg had any news online for Friday night. What was happening on Friday? The prizes for the Best Luxemburgish films  or Lëtzebuerger Filmpräis were given out at Mondorf les Bains, and I did not attend the ceremony (too Luxemburgish for me...)

Finally, Film Fund Luxembourg made the winners public on Facebook, and RTL will have a special episode dedicated to that night in about ten minutes from now -I guess it's gonna be in a language that we don't understand, so don't bother. I will stop complaining and mention the winners myself here, in proper English. Let me just notify you, the prizes are given every second year (I don't know why is that) and this is the fifth instalment, it's a newish tradition -it will last. More info on their Blog.

Best short-film: En Dag am Fräien (I'd translate it "A day off"), Govinda van Maele, Lucil FIlm & Red Lion
Best Animation: Rose and Violet, Claude Grosch and Luc Otter, Samsa Film
Best Technical Contribution: Jean-Louis Schuller, Cameraman (for all his films)
Best Artistic Contribution:  two winners sharing the prize: André Dziezuk, Music, together with Maisy Hausemer and Paul Scheuer, Scenario, La symétrie du papillon - The symmetry of the butterfly
Best Documentary: High and Low, Jean-Louis Schuller, Samsa Film
Best co-production: Illégal, Olivier Masset Depasse, Iris Productions
Best Luxemburgish Film: Hot Hot Hot, Beryl Koltz, Samsa Film
Special Prize "Young Hope": Vicky Krieps

All the best to the winners and keep walking!

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